Ageya Wilderness Center

Custom Workshops

Ropes Course Team Building Workshop

We use a combination of ropes, cables, logs, and platforms set up within trees and use climbing equipment as a safety system. This apparatus offers the participant a series of obstacles and physical tasks to be accomplished. Consisting of low elements, participants tackle physical and mental challenges under the guidance, support, and instruction of our trained staff. Group discussion and processing continue as each new challenge is experienced. Participants develop more trusting and supportive relationships and improve self-awareness, self-confidence and decision-making abilities. These activities help empower individuals to achieve more than they thought they could and prepare them to make good decisions about their own futures. Workshop length is dependent upon the goals and objectives designed for your group. Most workshops run from one to three days.

Authentic Leadership

This is a one- to five-day workshop designed to give practical skills that empower individuals to take more leadership in their lives. The workshop activities give participants the opportunity to experience greater self-worth, more confidence, ability to communicate with greater clarity and increased personal responsibility (response-ability) and accountability. In other words, we use the natural world to facilitate each participant in becoming more authentic in their lives. This course is offered for both youth and adults.

Natural History Studies and Skill Development Series

We have a variety of natural history curriculums and wilderness skill courses that can be done as in-house workshops, whether it be a one-hour to a full-day workshop or an ongoing course series of several sessions. Contact us for more information.