Ageya Wilderness Center

Boat-building, tide-pooling and other activities.

Campers compare their findings while tide-pooling across Kachemak Bay.

It has been a little over a week now since our camp session began and already our campers have dove head first (literally and figuratively) into the variety of spectacular camp experiences. Our master boat builder Maligiaq has been hard at work sharing his kayak craftsmanship and paddling procedures, while natural history instructors Tyler, Joolee, Eric and Ross educate campers on a wide span of outdoor topics. Over the past few days, the two Teams of campers (made up of 2 groups each, Lynx and Cranes on one team, Otters and Hummingbirds on the other) ventured across Kachemak Bay to meet with a marine biologist and study the beaches and the life it supports. New skills and knowledge aren’t all these campers are acquiring, here are what some of our campers have to say about their experiences so far at Ageya Camp:

Campers watch carefully as boat-builder Maligiaq demonstrates the proper cut on a component of the kayak frame.

“I hope camp goes by slow because I don’t want it to end. I cannot wait to go across the bay to camp out for a few nights. I really like kayaking, so I can’t wait to do that across the bay too.”

Marina, St. Mary’s
Meanwhile inside the large yurt classroom, Instructor Ross plays a tune while campers create their Treasure Maps; the visual representation of their life goals and aspirations.

I got to meet new people and got to know my yurt-mates better. I’ve been having a lot of fun and I don’t really want to go home. We are learning lots of new things like ocean life, animals and how to track them, what types of fish there are and the instructors taught me how to properly jump off of a diving board. Our trip to Kasitsna Bay was very fun and I got to meet an amazing marine biologist named Conrad. He is very good at explaining oceanic creatures and what type of kingdom they are in.

Connor, St Mary’s
Exploring Seldovia’s boardwalk.

This is a fun hands-on camp. They teach us kids things like how to i.d. plants, animals, birds, tracks, and fish. They also thought me how to ride in a kayak (but I tipped over), it was fun though. The people here taught me a lot more things than I thought they would.

Aiya, Fairbanks